Travel Hacks from a Travel Warrior

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Add-on bonus: A blogger hack. Free stock photos from Pixabay.

SkyscannerThis is my preferred travel comparison site because it sources from even from smaller airlines. 

Rakuten: If your primary method of booking travel is online, then you must have Rakuten. It offers cashback on the most popular sites, such as Expedia, Orbitz, etc. I use their Chrome extension so it is easier to detect whether the website I'm on is part of the Rakuten program. My hotel booking platform of choice is since it shows both hotels and apartments (some of which are also listed on Airbnb). More so, they have a filter option for Soundproof, which I haven't seen in any other booking platform. Older, cheaper hotels and some residential homes listed as short-term rentals are usually sub-par when it comes to drowning the noise so determining those with soundproof at the get go is very important.  

Be nice: Here is the most uncommon travel hack of all time. If you run a travel blog or have significant followers on any social media platform with a media kit, be nice when reaching out to hotels or even travel agencies when requesting for media rates. The average media rate discount is around 20%. All it takes is your time to send email inquiries. Learn how to request for a hotel media rate.  

Happy travel hacking!

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