How to Break Free from Mealtime Monotony

Are you bored of eating the same meals over and over again? It is easy to fall into the trap of creating the same meals week after week and letting your mealtime choices become a habit. After a while, eating the same foods each week can leave you longing for new flavors to wake up your taste buds. Food is something that should be enjoyed; it is one of life’s greatest pleasures and a source of both comfort and excitement. The new normal-- quarantining at home-- can be busy, and stressful, and preparing a delicious meal and enjoying it with your loved ones is an excellent way to de-stress, slow down and reconnect.
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Changing your habits and introducing new tastes and combinations into your mealtimes will help you to rediscover the joy of eating and invigorate your taste buds. Here are some of the ways you can liven up your eating habits:

Add a New Twist to Old Favorites
A sure-fire way to add some interest to your meals is to take one of your favorite, go-to recipes and to put a new spin on it. Swapping out some of the usual ingredients is an excellent way to re-work an old classic. For example, instead of using your usual saag recipe, why not try this recipe for sarson ka saag from Cubes N Juliennes, which could become your new favorite.

Be Inspired by Your Travels
Traveling is an excellent way to try new flavors and acquaint yourself with entirely new meals. Think back to your past vacations, which dish did you try while you were away and love? From Singapore’s Hainanese chicken to Spain’s Basque cheesecake, tracking down a recipe and recreating your favorite foods from your travels is an excellent way to have fun experimenting in the kitchen and to bring back happy memories of your holidays. Adding spices and herbs that are commonly used in the region will also add a fresh take to your cooking.

Seek Inspiration From Afar
While the Covid-19 situation may have put everyone’s travel plans on hold for the time being, why not travel from your kitchen instead? Seeking inspiration for mealtimes from across the world is an easy way to introduce yourself to new flavors. You could choose to recreate meals from a part of the world that you have always wanted to explore, but have not yet visited. Discovering the different spices and flavoring used in the cuisine of the region is a fascinating way to explore the world without even leaving your kitchen.

Food Party
Taking inspiration from other people is an easy way to sample different meals and flavor combinations that you may never have considered in the past. Why not arrange a get together with your friends with safety protocols in mind, and each bring along your favorite dish? Being able to sample each other’s food is lots of fun and an effortless way to experience new flavors. If you discover a meal that you love, why not ask for the recipe, and then you’ll have another new dish to add to your mealtime repertoire.

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