3 All-American Classics Without The Meat

If you are looking to venture into the realm of plant-based eating, whether this is for dietary or ethical reasons, but you don’t know how you’ll cope without burgers and sticky ribs, you need to check out this article. The world of vegan cuisine has come on leaps and bounds since the turn of the century. While many people still assume that vegans only eat beans, pulses, and spinach, there is a whole host of plant-based recipes that tickle the tastebuds of even the most ardent carnivores. 

Plant-based eating isn’t bland rabbit food. Meat replacement products, soy, and pea protein have made it possible to recreate the texture, flavor and look of meat without the saturated fat, carcinogens, and harm to animals. If you love your all-American classics, check out these plant-based equivalents that will soon see you on the vegan bus.
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Chicken(less) Pot Pie
There’s not much more comforting than a steaming hot pie baking in the oven with the smells emanating around the kitchen. Pot pie is a classic pastry dish that epitomizes great one-pot cooking. Cheap to make and traditionally using chicken, this is great served with buttered greens, pan-friend broccoli, and wilted spinach.

The main ingredient here that needs substituting is the chicken. Jackfruit has become a great meat alternative for a range of plant-based food. Popping up in funky vegan eateries and at plant-based street food stalls, jackfruit has the meaty texture that many of us crave. With a flaky pastry top, vegan creamy filling, and a jackfruit and pea center, you will forget that you aren’t tucking into chicken.

Veggie Sides
Collared greens are already a great vegan recipe that you can cook up with your plant-based mac and cheese. However, what about that field peas recipe that you remember? Usually flavored with the saltiness of bacon and ham hock, this can be difficult to emulate in a plant-based recipe. Rather than throwing in some pancetta or some back bacon, opt for some vegan ham or bacon alternatives. They still retain the salty kick that is needed in the field peas. The Southern delicacy that you remember can still be served with cornbread, green tomatoes or grits.

Adapting your meaty recipes needn’t be too difficult if you know the vegan alternatives that are out there. There are plenty of milks of a plant-based variety to add to your recipes. You simply need to find the variety most suited to your palette. Many people love the flavors of rice, oat, almond and soya milk.
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The Ultimate Burger
Burgers are highly subjective. The variety of toppings that you can pile onto your all-American classic can be never-ending. You might want to pop some jalapenos on there, some cheese, bacon, pickles, mayo, lettuce, tomato, coleslaw and cabbage to name but a few. There are plenty of meaty toppings that you could put on top of your already meaty patty.

Rather than chowing down on the beef mince quarter pounder, go for one of the many burger alternatives out there. Black bean patties are the way to go if you want a true plant-based eating experience. The color and texture is the same, and the flavor is earthy like a twenty-eight day aged steak. If you fancy something more ‘meaty’ a seitan or pea protein-based patty is your best bet. Everything about these patties has been created to emulate meat. They smell, look, taste and feel like minced beef. Fry them up on the barbecue and you can experience the same char too.

If you are looking to toppings, vegan bacon is a great option. The coconut-based vegan cheeses are also tasty and can be peppered or smoked like a Monterey Jack. They look like cheese, melt like cheese, and taste like cheese. Think about sandwiching this patty in between a sliced gluten-free brioche bun that has been lightly toasted. You will forget that you aren’t eating meat. You can also check out the vegan mayo options out there. Many supplement the eggs for a flax alternative and utilize the plant-based milks we previously looked at.

Going vegan or experimenting with a plant-based diet is admirable. You are doing your bit for the planet and taking a more healthy and ethical stance when it comes to eating. In the twenty-first century, veganism is no longer seen as a fad or something to dip in and out of. People of all ages are embracing a new way of cooking and eating. Have a go at these plant-based all American classics.

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