Bound and Determined To Tailgate with Fire & Flavor

 Live sports may not be a thing for this year, but you can still savor your favorite grilled meats and vegetables in the safety of your home or wherever you are when tailgating and cheering on for your favorite sports team. 

My favorite grilled recipe is marinated chicken with yogurt and spices with cut peppers, cucumber, and tomatoes. What's yours?

Image from Pexel

With Fire and Flavor's HERO grill, the portable charcoal grill becomes a perfect addition when tailgating in a space-conscious space. What's more, is that this grill is fueled by biodegradable charcoal pods and weighs under 10 lbs for maximum portability when you are on-the-go, camping, or even in the high seas. Therefore, it is healthier for the environment with its lower emissions. From 9/1-9/30save $10 off on orders $150+ with code SAVE10.

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