4 Delicious One-Bite Appetizers for Your Next Event

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Appetizers are super delicious! Plus, they keep you occupied while waiting for the main meal. About 11% of US consumers say they always have an appetizer when they go out to eat. However, sometimes, you might find sitting down to eat your appetizer with cutlery a bit cumbersome, especially if you are looking to socialize a bit if you are at an event. So are you having an upcoming business or social event and want to keep it as active as possible? Then it would be best if you considered including one-bite appetizers into your menu. So, are you ready to try your hands at something new and save yourself from mountains of dishes? If yes, check out some of the perfect one-bite appetizers to try your hands on.

1. Deviled Eggs
Deviled eggs are hard-boiled eggs that have been halved and filled with a thick paste made out of egg yolks, mustard, and mayonnaise. There are several other ingredients to include in your deviled eggs, such as avocado, cheese, and even herbs. Once your yolk paste is done, you can scoop it back into the firm egg whites, garnish, and serve to your guests! There are healthier recipes available. For example, you can replace mayonnaise with plain unsweetened Greek yogurt to make it less calorie-dense.

2. Barbecue Chicken Poppers
As its name suggests, all you have to do is ‘pop’ it into your mouth with no fuss, and that's what makes this an excellent appetizer. Plus, they are effortless and quick to make. All you will need is some chicken (preferably the breast) and a whole range of spices to give it that yummy kick. You can choose to bake or fry the chicken. Either way, ensure that it is breaded so that it is crispy outside yet tender inside. Once it is ready, toss the chicken pieces into some barbecue sauce until it is ready to serve. You can put the chicken on some mini skewers to make it easy for your guests to pick up. 

3. Ham and Cheese Sliders
Ham and cheese sliders are super easy to make and do not require a lot of effort. Once you have your dinner rolls, preferred cheese, and ham, you are good to go! Cut your rolls in half and then layer the bottom with the cheese and ham before covering with the other half of your bread. Bake it until it is hot, and the cheese gets gooey. It is a perfect bite-size recipe! Make these easy ham and cheese sliders your go-to recipe, especially in last-minute situations. For the best type of bread, many people prefer to use Hawaiian rolls, but it is all up to you.

4. Shrimp Cocktail
If you are feeling a bit fancy, you can opt for a seafood appetizer like a shrimp/prawn cocktail. It might seem like an old-fashioned appetizer but, nutritionally, it is a much healthier one. A medium-sized shrimp has about only seven calories! To make this classic appetizer a bit more modern, you can prepare a tasty homemade sauce packed with more flavors than usual. For a more one-bite spin, you can put the shrimps on skewers and provide the sauce as a dip. 

Your events will no longer be the same again, thanks to these delicious finger foods. Check out which ones you would like to try out the next time. 

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