4 Ways to Make Healthier Meals in No Time at All

Even though 75% of Americans claim to eat healthily, there is evidence to prove otherwise. While the majority of people embrace the ‘concept ‘of healthy eating, the challenge they face is the amount of time it takes to cook a good healthy meal from scratch. This is particularly true for those of us with hectic daily schedules. But did you know that there are ways to make healthier meals without spending too long in the kitchen? Cut out the option of fast foods by adopting some of these methods.
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1. Prep vegetables and fruits in advance
Your time spent in the kitchen will be made shorter when you carry out the most laborious parts in preparing your meal in advance. Cut your fruits and vegetables a few days ahead of time whenever you can, pack them in Zip-Lock bags, and store in the fridge or freezer. Some of these vegetables can be eaten raw, lightly steamed, roasted, or added to your main meals for the extra nutrients you need.

2. Embrace leftovers
Leftovers may seem unattractive and dull, but they are great ways to make healthier meals in no time. If you are not a fan of repeating meals, your leftovers can create full meals you will enjoy. The trick to this is knowing how to transform one leftover meal into an entirely different one. For example, if you have leftover boiled beans, they can be added to a salad as a source of protein, or with cooked rice or potatoes with tomato sauce. Get creative in your kitchen.

3. Make food ahead of time
For busy families, this is the ultimate time-saver in the kitchen. All you have to do is schedule a day to cook all your meals for the week. It is a trick used by many families to feed their households without worrying about a meal plan for the week. You can cook and store some foods in the freezer. Examples are rice, sauces, soups, vegetarian gravy, and other plant-based proteins such as beans. Making food ahead of time also gives you a lot of free time to do other things you would enjoy in your free time.

4. Keep a well-stocked pantry
Did you know food and eating work psychologically? It is because the brain tells you to eat whatever you find available in your home. It is the more reason you must endeavor to keep a well-stocked pantry full of healthier meal options. Ensure to stock up on low-sodium canned products. The sodium (salt) used in canning foods is due to its high preservation properties, however, there are alternatives you can use to make your meals healthier.

Healthier eating choices should not be an arduous task for you, whether you feed a family or not. With the right strategies, all your meals can be less time-consuming and enjoyable as well. Today, vegetarian restaurants continue to spring up, with a wide range of exciting menu options. Adopt some of these shortcuts discussed on this page to spend much less time and energy in the kitchen.

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