The Benefits of Cooking on an Induction Hob

Induction hobs/stovetops are the latest trend in the kitchen world. They're an alternative to both gas and electric stoves, offering a new sort of cooking technology. Well, they're sort of like electric ones, but they work in a fundamentally different way. It can be quite complicated to explain, but the idea is that your cooking utensil is placed on the cooking plate, and it conducts electricity, creating heat. This is called electrical induction, hence the name!

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So, what are the benefits of cooking like this? Should you get an induction cooker to replace your current stove? While it won't necessarily help you cook healthier meals, induction hobs do have a few benefits that help you out in the kitchen:

Heat your pans faster
What's the worst thing about cooking a meal at home? Waiting for the pots and pans to heat up! You've done all your prep, the ingredients are chopped up, but the pan takes an age to reach the optimal temperature. With induction hobs, this is no longer a problem. The electrical induction heats your pans up freakishly fast. Also, consider that you can only use metal utensils for electrical induction to work. If you were considering the best material for cooking utensils, things like aluminum or iron would come up. Why? Because they conduct heat really well and reach a higher temperature than other materials.

So, combine this with the electrical induction technology, and you no longer need to wait for things to heat up. It can reduce cooking time quite dramatically as you waste less time standing around doing nothing.
Save energy

An induction stove is also beneficial as it uses far less energy than the other options. This is because energy is only used when a pan is in contact with the cooking plate. Even if the hob is turned on, no energy is used unless the induction is activated. Not only that but once the pan reaches the desired heat, the cooking plate turns off. It will then come back on periodically to ensure the pan maintains this heat.

Therefore, you can save money while cooking as you use up less energy. Those of you that are keen to be more eco-friendly when you cook will find this extremely advantageous.
Much easier to clean
Finally, induction hobs are designed to be completely flat. There are no knobs or dials to use; it's all flat and controlled via your touch. Aside from being pretty swanky, this makes the stovetop so easy to clean. You can just use some spray and a wipe to get rid of any dirt or much after you've cooked.

It's much better than other stoves where you get crumbs and dirt stuck under the nobs or around the cooking plates. If you want a cleaner kitchen, then induction hobs are definitely the best option for you.

If you're looking to upgrade your kitchen and enhance your cooking experience, an induction hob might be the way forward. As you can see, it makes cooking faster, saves energy, and is much easier for you to clean and maintain.

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