Maintaining Your Diet on Vacation

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One of the first things we let go of when we arrive at our vacation destination is our diet; that’s because we’re on vacation, and it’s time to indulge. The trouble is that overeating also makes us feel less happy and less energized; it’s best to let your guard down with caution and stay slim.

Plan Meals
Everything changes when it comes to vacation time, that’s because you’re mindset shifts into reward mode and think about treating yourself more than usual, but that isn’t always the best recipe for staying slim and feeling your best. On vacation, maintain your diet with meal planning.

While it’s tempting to eat out all the time, it’s the best way to overload your calorie count; instead, choose one meal every day to indulge in, and the rest of the time, you can eat minimally or in the hotel. Not only does this keep your food intake under control, it saves money.

Drink Water
The body needs water to survive; it uses it for the proper functioning of cells, tissues, and organs; the body also uses water for hydration and temperature control. However, the body can also mistake hunger for thirst, so drinking water can actually reduce your appetite before meals.

Chances are you’re in a sunny climate for your vacation, and you need plenty of water to keep up your hydration levels; men are advised to drink 15.5 cups per day, and women need around 11.5 cups. Never go out without your water bottle and drink water to reduce your appetite.
Early Workouts

Maintaining your diet is all about balance - calories in and calories out. If you’re like most people, you let it go a little bit when you’re on vacation, but with the right approach, you can return home in much the same way as you left. The secret is to fit in some micro workouts.

If you plan on going for a road trip one day or an excursion to visit a historical site, it might be tempting to sleep in and have an easy morning, but why waste the early hours. Instead, head down to the beach for a run or some yoga that will energize you and help keep the weight down.

Food Choices
Obviously, you want to enjoy your holiday and think less about the food you consume; again, meal planning and decision making are key to maintaining a healthy weight throughout your stay and returning with the same BMI. But there are also a few ways to stave off the cravings.

Make sure you have some healthy snacks with you when you’re at the beach or on a day trip; for example, nuts are high calorie but easy to carry, so you only need a handful when hungry. Eating healthy choices like chilli infused olive oil at restaurants is also the best healthy option.

Reduce Drinking
Drinking alcohol on holiday is a requirement for some people; it helps you relax, socialize, and feel like you’re enjoying the break; unfortunately, it also puts weight on faster than anything else. It’s best to moderate your drinking and try to balance it out with exercise and daily activity

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