Must Visit Casual Food Spots in Colorado

There are many elegant foodie spots in Colorado like Guard & Grace and Bistro LeRoux. If you are craving for someplace where you can just chill, sit back and relax, below is my hit list for casual food spots in Colorado:

Mici Italian
With locations in Colorado and Arizona, Mici Italian has many locations within the Colorado alone and specializes in quick-serving pizza and pasta dishes. 
Mici Italian
Mici Italian's New York style pizzas
I was fortunate to visit one of their branches in Colorado Springs. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist spots, Mici Italian is located in a strip mall together with diverse casual restaurants serving Filipino, Korean cuisine and even a buffet.

Once you walk-in the their door either as a solo diner or with a big group, the friendly waitstaff is readily available to make recommendations among their comprehensive menu that also includes salads, gelato and beverages. While Italian music is playing and black and white wall paper that depicts an Italian family, Mici has a homey vibe that focuses on New York style pizzas. 

I first savored in a variety of healthy salads; the caprese with cherry tomatoes and mozarella bites glistens in the setting sun with the right amount of saltiness, while the Ceasar salad had extra crunchy croutons and fresh romaine lettuce. Pizza options are divided by the type of sauce they used, so a first-time visitor will not be overwhelmed with the choices. My favorites are the Meditterraneo with basil, tomatoes, artichoke, and olives, which gave this pizza a bolder flavor, and the simpler Pina filled with zucchini, fontina and mozzarella. 

Diners of all ages can also enjoy the gelato bar. After a gracious spread of salads, pizzas and the pesto pasta, I ended my meal on a high note with the refreshing lemon and coffee toffee gelato and cannoli. 
Various gelato flavors at Mici Italian

Grange Hall
20 minute away from Denver downtown, Grange Hall is a food hall that offers local and out-of-state food vendors plus a sports bar. Opened recently in 2021, it is a great addition to Denver Tech Center's food scene where you can walk-in for lunch and enjoy a glass or two of Colorado's finest beers, or enjoy the outdoor seating for happy hour or dinner. 
Grange hall
Grange Hall lunch grub
I was able to stop over for a late lunch and could not resist Eiskaffee's coffee with ice cream. This German-inspired coffee and ice cream shop is based in Colorado and entices coffee connoisseurs and those with sweet tooth alike. Since I've been on the hunt for the best fried chicken sandwich, I also ordered the Crack Shack's popular firebird with fried breast, crispy onions, pickles, and cool ranch. Born in Southern California, the Crack Shack's fried chicken definitely hits the right spot. 

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