Discover the Timeless Charms of Swissotel Kursaal Bern, Switzerland

In the heart of Bern, Switzerland's captivating capital, lies an oasis that seamlessly fuses historical charm with contemporary opulence—the Swissotel Kursaal Bern. Since its grand opening in June 2021, this Accor property has become a beacon of sophistication, promising you an enchanting stay amidst the city's vibrant tapestry.
Swissotel Kursaal Bern mesmerizes night
Step into a living history book at the Swissotel Kursaal Bern. This historic complex, dating back to the 19th century, has served as a spa resort and a social epicenter. Its walls resonate with the echoes of a bygone era, exuding an enduring charm that will captivate you from the moment you arrive.

Your Gateway to Bern's Treasures
Location reigns supreme, and the Swissotel Kursaal Bern's central position ensures you have effortless access to Bern's cherished landmarks and the central station. Wander through cobbled streets to uncover the iconic Zytglogge clock tower, the majestic rose garden, or even the captivating bear pit in the heart of the city—all within your grasp.
Bear pit
A unique experience watching bears in the middle of a city
After a day of exploration, retreat to the Swissotel Kursaal Bern's tranquil garden adorned with a serene koi pond. Rest easy in rooms adorned with rose gold and pale green fixtures, where even my furry companions was pampered with pet-friendly amenities, such as a plush towel and bowl, reminding me that the time spent with my dog is never wasted.

Your Gastronomic Journey
Dining at the Swissotel Kursaal Bern is not just a meal; it's a culinary adventure designed to delight your taste buds. I indulged in the hotel's signature breakfast, featuring made-to-order waffles that I paired with smoked salmon and an array of Swiss cheeses. For lunch, I savored the delights of the newly renovated Giardino, offering Italian and Mediterranean-inspired dishes-- the refreshing cold cucumber soup was perfect for the humid Swiss summer and the salmon with sorrel and risotto fueled my day's adventures. 
Waking up to this made-to-order waffle
The newly renovated Restaurant Giardino  
Versatile Spaces and Well-being
For business meetings or special occasions, the Swissotel Kursaal Bern offers versatile meeting and event spaces, ensuring every gathering is a resounding success. While the spa tradition has evolved, the hotel still caters to your well-being, with fitness facilities and serene environments to unwind in. 

A stay at the Swissotel Kursaal Bern is not just a stay; it's an invitation to indulge in Swiss hospitality while immersing yourself in the vibrant life of this picturesque Swiss city. Beyond the hotel's walls, Bern itself is a UNESCO World Heritage treasure trove, offering a medieval old town, architectural wonders, and the relaxing Aare river. 

Disclaimer: I was provided a media rate at Swissotel Kursaal Bern in exchange for this review. 

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