Best Brunches in San Francisco

Updated March 17, 2016

Last year, I published my post on Where to Eat in San Francisco. Many moons later, it is time for another update on the Best Brunches in San Francisco. I try to stay away from the typical scramble eggs and pancakes because honestly I think brunches should be meant for more innovative dishes, which is the main reason why these three restaurants top my list.

1. Central Kitchen, Mission: Where can you get crispy duck with poached eggs and polenta for breakfast with organic veggies? Here only at Central Kitchen. I was apprehensive at first on the polenta, which is usually bland, but the saltiness of the duck and the sweetness of the carrots gave the dish an overall balanced flavor. Cowgirl Creamery's Redhawk cheese also took the spotlight on the cheese plate trio with lavosh. I would definitely be back here to try the marinated squid and smoked salmon.

Located off the main drag of the Mission neighborhood which means that parking is not a big pain, this Kitchen has an outdoor patio perfect for bubbly mimosas as well as indoor seating for windier days.
Scrambled eggs with pea and green olive toast for my vegan friend. Very unique twist to a bruschetta.
Poached eggs, polenta, duck, carrots and maitake for the win!
Cheese plate with fennel preserve to start our meal.
2. Park Tavern, North Beach: Forget about the more than an hour line across the street at the iconic Mama's. Head to the former Moose's space now called as Park Tavern.

I was actually surprised with the diverse selection for brunch. Although I was a little bit disappointed that their deviled eggs for brunch is actually different from their famous deviled eggs served for dinner, the out-of-the-ordinary grapefruit brulee exemplifies why Park Tavern is a must for brunch. The fiery avocado toast also came in close to second.
Sliced grapefruit bruleed to perfection. A good palette cleanser.
Interiors of Park Tavern
There was a long line at Mama's outside. Mehh..
The avocado with sea salt, chile and lemon toast would have been another clear winner but the lackluster wheat bread was a turn-off. Was the bread store bought?
Open faced deviled eggs. A bit disappointing that it had more chicken breast than actual eggs to the mixture.
A picture within the picture.
Can't get enough of this bruleed grapefruit. Must try this at home.
This is how food bloggers work early in the morning with sssourabh.
3. Nopa, Alamo Square: A bit off the beaten track, Nopa still remains as one of the formidable brunch spots in San Francisco due to its high quality ingredients. Also not to be miss is their hot chocolate made in-house. Find out more about it here.
Fresh, gooey french toast
4. Mission Beach Cafe

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