Christmas Special: The Fairmont's Life Sized Gingerbread House

It's finally Christmastime in some parts of the world! Ho Ho Ho!

The Fairmont Hotel atop Nob Hill, San Francisco makes the holidays more fun for the little ones (and the kids at heart) with a life-sized gingerbread house, which is reported to be made up of:
- ~2 tons of edible candy, gingerbread and royal icing
- 724 lbs of candy
- 7500 gingerbread bricks
- 1600 lbs royal icing

Time to head over to the Fairmont to freely ogle at the gingerbread house located on the busy lobby. Alas, there is no smell of gingerbread though. I do wonder what they are going to do with all that candy when the holidays are over!?!

(L) Gingerbread house, (R) Christmas tree

(L) Nutcracker, (R) more candy, peppermint, gingerbread!

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