On the Move @ SPQR, San Francisco

My tummy is beaming happy with all the holiday parties! Before the year ends, another restaurant, Spqr, makes it at the top of my list (besides from Coqueta, Cotogna, La Ciccia and Zuni Cafe) for a filling New Year's Eve dinner. Since I truly believe that eating noodles to have long life is a must, don't forget to order fresh linguine, spaghetti or the thicker perciatelli pasta at SPQR. 
Couldn't get enough of this senise pepper perciatelli with spot prawn and bottarga di tonno. The tuna roe makes this dirty bowl dish extra salty in a good way so be careful what you ask for.

One of the many antipasti that I liked because of the octopus.
If I remember correctly, the top is a doughnut and the bottom is a brioche. Both so-so.

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