On the Move @ Rich Table, San Francisco

A few months ago, I was finally able to get a coveted seat at the highly anticipated Rich Table. This relatively new comer in Hayes Valley has been winning accolades, which is not surprising. Each dish I ordered was meticulously prepared with the freshest ingredients. I liked their interesting use of crunchy escargot to differentiate the texture with soft scallops. Other notable dishes are:

Bucatini with mushrooms. I didn't want to share this but I had to. It disappeared in lightning speed. Ugh!

The cheesy buratta needed a bit more punch.

My entree: Sea scallop with escargot that tasted like salted rice crispies. A little bit too salty for my taste but I had fun munching on the escargot.

Simple yet refreshing pumpkin panna cotta for the Halloween season.

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