On the Move @ Sharetea, Boracay

This is the regular milk tea. My fave is the rock salt cream cheese with wintermelon.
Updated Dec 21: I was informed by one of my California readers that Sharetea has landed in San Mateo. Go check out the rock salt creama bubble tea!

When I found out that Sharetea from Taiwan has opened in the island of Boracay serving bubble tea with rock salt and cheese, I was intrigued.  The creamy cheese plus salt brings the boba tea experience to another level. It's like slurping airy cream cheese. Because it has a frothy foam, you have to open the cup first and scoop/mix with a spoon. I got instantly hooked with the rock salt cheese with wintermelon tea, which actually soothed my bad sore throat. I do hope Sharetea lands soon on the shores of Cebu City.

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