Fresh Off The Press: Square Pickup Product Preview

I am blogging live at Square's headquarters in downtown San Francisco. I'm here representing DeLise at Square's first ever product preview.

Launching soon is Square Pickup, in which customers can now pre-order from food merchants with a touch of a button. The user interface looks simple from both the customer and merchant side. Although not revolutionary, this will enable Square merchant's to digitize pre-orders and customers to cut down waiting times, especially for shops with infamous long lines.

Since this is a food blog, I am obligated to cover Square's cafeteria. Undoubtedly, their food is a home run even though they only served a few bites for the attendees. Desserts are way better than what I've had at Google and Dropbox. Hats off to whoever their caterer is.

P.S. To the Square team, all presenters need more energy! It's a product preview after all. 

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