On the Move @ Ichi Sushi + Ni Bar, San Francisco

I really want to like you Ichi Suchi. I really do, but I'm just perplexed and confused on a few things: 
- Your old address pops out on Yelp and Google maps so I had to call to find out where your new dig is, which turned out to be a block away.  I don't like being lost in a not-so-familiar Bernal Heights neighborhood at night. 
- When I said we were okay sitting at the "bar", I meant the Ni Bar and not the bar seating of the sushi area. 
- I thought the Ni Bar was the spot on my right side when I stepped in the door although it turned out that it was the one tucked at the back. 
- At the sushi area, you gave my companion and I seats with no back support, while all others had a regular chair. I can't sit through a long meal on a short stool. Please spare my back from all the backaches. 
- The space is not fully maximized.
- What no dessert?!? Must head to Mitchell's ice cream instead. 
- Why are you blasting 80s club music?!?

The freshness of the seafood is a home run, but once again, I was scratching my head when the scallops appeared with what looked like a burnt shiso leaf (see below). I also kept frowning profusely when the wait staff said that the photogenic sweet shrimp served at the other table was out of stock. Everything else would have been perfect, but the devil is all in the details. Please give me a reason to come back. Pretty, please. 

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