The Best Ice Cream Shops in San Francisco

It's that time of the year when SF Bay Area is abnormally hit with a heat wave. I blame it on global warming. I wouldn't be surprised if you are queuing in one of the numerous ice cream shops in the city. Here's my top 6 hit list to stay cool:

1. The Ice Cream Bar - Not your normal ice cream shop because the best thing about this 60s inspired Cole Valley shop is their soda filled floats. Whether you like it fruity or chocolatey, the mixologists can create something for you.
2. Smitten - Nitrogen ice cream anyone?
Mint choco chip from Smitten's

3. Mitchell's - I can spend more than 30 minutes just ogling at the flavors then another 30 sampling. Too many flavors to choose from. Ugh.
4. Humphry Slocombe -  The quality and texture are just right.
5. Bi-Rite - Location, location, location. Among the many ice cream shops in the city, Bi-Rite has cemented itself on the busy 18th street, which is a breeding ground for gastronomes and food sherpas.
6. Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous - To round the list up is the ice cream shop in the upcoming dogpatch neighborhood. The dense texture of the early grey ice cream was perfect for the warm sunny day in SF. For more desserts, don't forget that Chocolate Lab is also across the street.
Earl grey tea ice cream
To be non-biased, I purposely didn't list DeLise in North Beach although they also make one of the best ice creams in town (no kidding!). It is no secret that I am one of their consultants- one of my many jobs is taste-testing their new ice cream flavors. Go figure :)

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