My Top Picks in Rio de Janeiro

Going for the gold? For those of my readers who are heading out to Brazil, check out these spots to unwind after you've had your fair share of soccer matches:

Academia de Cachaca: translates to the academy of Cachaca, one of Brazil's famous liquor
Juice Co.specializes in different juices and offers delightful lunch meals. This is where I found the most delicious tuna burger with foie gras and cassava chips. 
Zuka: one of the best restaurants in Rio

Seafood risotto at Zuka

If you find yourself at a churrascaria, test your knowledge on the different cuts of meat. And please don't be ignorant of what ZeroCal is on the dining table! It is not a liquid detergent, ok.

Tip: While you're thinking about what to bring back home as gifts, the grocery is the best place to get Brazilian chocolate bonbons, such as the box from Seranata de Amor by Garoto, and a few pairs of comfortable Ipanema or Haviana flipflops.

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