Frolicking in Siargao in 3 Days

Siargao is an island in the Philippines with no pretentions. The first thing I asked our driver, who picked our party at the airport from Siargao Bleu Resort, is whether they are under martial law in the island since they are part of Mindanao. No, they are not under martial law. Besides the fact that they are farther from the main Mindanao, the island is relatively safe to walk around even deep into the night.

Sunset from Guyam island
Are You a Beginner in Surfing? 
Siargao's Cloud 9 beach, known as the surfing capital in the Philippines, is very popular for intermediate and pro surfers- for a reason! The waves are challenging, and if you are a newbie, you will most likely be surfing in areas with many rocks and will be using a real surf board compared to other surfing schools that use a softer board for training. Be ready to get bruised (while having fun, at least).

There are two prime surfing times: (1) In the early mornings between 4-6 am and (2) late in the afternoon after 4 pm. Check the tides before going.

3 Day Itinerary
Get a complete feel of Siargao in 3 days- whether you decide to surf or not, you'll surely enjoy the island life!

Day 1

  • Arrival with pick-up at the airport
  • Surf in the afternoon or chill in your hotel
  • Dinner + massage

Day 2 

  • Surf in the early morning
  • Breakfast in hotel
  • Magpupungko Falls + lunch
  • Surf in the late afternoon
  • Dinner + massage

Day 3

  • Surf in the early morning
  • Stop by the central market to buy food to be cooked for lunch
  • 3 hours boat ride to Sohoton cave + lunch 
  • Island hopping at Naked, Daku and Guyam Island
  • Catch the sunset at Guyam Island 
  • Dinner

The unassuming market at Siargao.

Imagine an island full of sand at Naked Island.
coconut trees
Daku Island with its lush coconut trees.
The golden hour at Guyam Island.
Last day

  • You can still surf once more in the early morning 
  • Breakfast
  • Leave for the airport

Must Not Miss
Most people (and blogs) cut out Sohoton cave, also known as Bucas Grande Island, because of the hours you will spend on a boat to get there. Please don't be discouraged by the 3-hour boat ride though because this is the best part of my trip! Yes, it is far and in the middle of nowhere without the best facilities you can ask for. However, you'll get to touch hard-to-find stingless jellyfishes, swim in a cave, see bats, semi-rock climb out of a cave, jump off a short cliff, and have bragging rights to boot!

Welcome to Sohoton!
Hanging rock formations.
Look at the resourceful flippers of our guide.

Our food was grilled and ready after our adventure from the cave.
Unique shells from Naked Island.

Wondering what are the best places to eat in Siargao? Watch out for it on my last blog series about the island.

Meanwhile, check out what Siargao Bleu has to offer.

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  1. Looks like bliss! Beautiful photos and really informative. Thanks for sharing!