Inspire Your Kids To Travel

The travel bug caught me when I was a teenager. I started traveling on my own at 16 and never really looked back thereafter. For the younger generation, there are many ways to teach them the essence of traveling. 

One of the ways is through Little Passports, a subscription travel kit for the little ones. I learned about them while looking for an educational gift for my 7 year old nephew. When his first kit came in the mail, we were both excited on what was in store for us. 

The welcome kit contained a mini-travel luggage with all my nephew's travel essentials, such as a passport, map, boarding pass and a guide on where and what he was supposed to explore. All these came in a kid-friendly design that is a sure-fire hit for kids of all ages, including yours truly.

mini traveler


Through Little Passports, my nephew was able to expand his horizons and use his wild imagination, traveling to Japan to learn about bento making and Brazil to experience the animals at the Amazon. I wish I was younger so I could play with Little Passports myself!    



Disclaimer: Affiliate links on this blog. I received 3 months free subscription from Little Passports.

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