The Experiential Millennial: Because More is Not Enough

group dining
Millennials seek for more experiences.
A study by Harris Group found that 72 percent of millennials prefer to spend more money on experiences, including travel and food, than on material things. For an experiential millennial, going to a restaurant does not just mean having a good meal and fun conversations. Whether it’s an unexpected location, a chance to interact with the chef, or a unique menu or theme, millennials want to experience more.

This trend creates an opportunity for companies that cater to providing such experiences, whether they are in verticals of travel, culinary or lodging. Airbnb Trips, which launched in 2016, now has over 800 trips worldwide with intimate experiences that are mostly run by non-professional tour guides. Others in the running with similar ticketed experiences are IfOnly and Verlocal. Specifically, food establishments on these websites are now offering culinary classes and pop-up dinners, which is the fastest growing trend at 82% growth according to Eventbrite’s food and drinks category.

Dot & Pin, a personalized recommendation engine and travel concierge platform, goes beyond the traditional one-off ticketed experience. By catering to user's preferences and tastes, users of Dot & Pin are assured that the suggestions are of relevance. This saves them time which would otherwise be spent skimming through many options and reading reviews from people who don't share the same preferences or are tourists themselves. The experiences are curated from top influencers, who are akin to local experts in the urban cities where Dot & Pin is live, specifically in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and New York.

Dot & Pin enhances "bleisure" travel, a combination of business and pleasure travel, by aligning recommended activities with the user's busy schedule and likes/dislikes. According to Expedia, 62 percent are more likely to extend their business vacations to gain cultural experience and see more of the world, all while on their company’s dime. To further save time, a personal concierge service via messaging can expedite the experiential process through conversations with a real, local human. Do you want to know where the latest pop-up restaurant is in San Francisco during the summer? Your hotel concierge might not, but your Dot & Pin Concierge, who is a local expert, would - and could do more for you.
travel concierge
Dot & Pin's Concierge caters to user's busy schedule and preferences.
Stop missing your workouts while on the road because of a claustrophobic hotel gym. Your Dot & Pin Concierge can recommend where you can practice yoga in a historic cathedral instead for that needed ohm moment before your next appointment, plus suggest where you can unwind post-dinner at an immersive theater, where revelers are encouraged to interact with the actors. If you run into the predicament of no time for shopping for the required speakeasy style dress code, fret not though as your Dot & Pin Concierge can take care delivering an outfit with matching accessories to you while you’re still at your meeting.

For a busy, millennial business traveler, there is now a more efficient way to combine business and pleasure with the help of Dot & Pin's Concierge

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