Best Boxes for Daily Snacking

Sure enough, you are munching on all those Christmas delights this holiday season. Instead of making you feel guiltier, I've scoured online healthy snacks and exclusive promotions to give you a headstart for the new year ahead. Take this is as my healthy holiday gift guide, especially for you, my dear readers.

healthy snacks

Without further ado, here are the top 3 best, healthiest boxes:

1. UrthBox: Get $10 Off an Awesome Vegan Snack Box From UrthBox! Everything is non-GMO and organic. My favorite, Dang coconut chips, can be found in this box!

2. Naturebox: Get an extra 30% off your first 3 purchases! Use code THIRTY3 at checkout, max $15 value per purchase.

3. Love with Food: Discover new junk-free snacks every month and help fight childhood hunger.

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