Bittersweet Bangkok

Ahhh, the Land of the Smiles... and the land where gastronomes be gastronomes. With all that smell of Thai basil leaf and curries, who wouldn't salivate just from the thought of Bangkok. Alas, I was hit with multiple migraines that I eventually discovered were being triggered by Thai spices, but I continued happily eating anyway because that's what professional food bloggers must do.  #foodbloggerproblems

thai cuisine
Pad thai with seafood from the Emporium Foodhall. 
This is how I prepare myself when going on an eating expedition and pacifying a migraine. A custom-made slip dress from Print All Over Me for endless eating and comfortable day to night sandals. The show must go on afterall!

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During my short trip in the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, I was able to try hospital cafeteria food at world renown Bumrungrad International Hospital, mid-tier Nara Thai Cuisine and the higher-end The Local. A little birdie told me that Gagan, Asia's best restaurant, will be closing in 2020, so I was not unhappy when I learned that they could not roll out the red carpet for yours truly during my stay.

Best Hospital Food Ever
I avoid the hospital like the plague, especially when I'm traveling. However, I was being a nice bff and companied my bestfriend to Bumrungrad, which apparently looks and feels like a hotel. So it is not surprising that my best meal in Bangkok actually came from their cafeteria! After fish curry, a big, fat sweet and spicy fish and a huge rice bowl, I didn't mind waiting for hours on end for my friend to complete her doctor's visit.

Enjoying the simple things in life. FISH and rice! 
Malls Galore
One thing I noted about Bangkok is that at every MRT stop, there are multiple shopping malls. When I asked a local friend from college where we should meet up with my travel buddies, he suggested Nara Thai Cuisine at Centralworld Plaza, but he ended up going to the other location at Central Embassy. Don't blame me!

Everyone was starving by the time food came which is why I only took photos of my favorite dishes - (1) the stir-fried soft shell crab smothered in a thick, aromatic yellow curry that had the right amount of spiciness and tanginess and (2) the meal ender, Thai ice cream with an assortment of toppings. As a big fan of Asian fruits, the jackfruit topping is definitely not to be missed. No wonder Nara Thai Cuisine is consistently ranked as one of Thailand's best restaurants and has also expanded outside of Thai shores.

Nara's signature dish didn't disappoint.

Take your pick. Mine is definitely the jackfruit.
Experiential Dining at a Traditional House
After our mall restaurant experience the night before, we were surprised with what was in store for us at The Local by Oam Thong Thai Cuisine. Also ranked as Asia's 50 Best Restaurants, The Local is uniquely set in the heart of Bangkok inside a large traditional wooden house. By large I mean that you need a host to guide you how to get to your seat. This place could be a museum on its own right. Similarly, the plethora of options that are modern takes of Thai cuisine on the menu is mind-boggling, but thanks to a local friend who asked for recommendations from the waitstaff, we were able to try the best of the lot.

Appeticer combo that represents 5 different regions of Thailand: Northern Thai noodles in curry soup, roasted coconut, lime and shallot wrapped on lotus leaves, fish cake, deep fried chicken wrapped in pandan leaves and rice crackers topped with Thai toppings.
coconut soup
Why can't Thai food outside of Thailand taste this good? Authentic Thai coconut soup with a kick of lemongrass.
I've never seen fish presented this way. It tastes as good as it looks!
Traditional mango on sticky rice and unique desserts, such as pumpkin, on one platter.  
I wish I had more time in Bangkok to explore more food haunts and rooftop bars. Even though the thought of chilling atop high-rises seems cool, the finicky Bangkok weather could be a challenge. We were lucky that the rain stopped by the time we got to CRU Champagne Bar, which is also attached to the Centralworld mall. Don't go there for the drinks becuase you will feel disappointed. Instead, go for the views and having a good time with friends.
Bangkok rooftop view
View from CRU Champagne Bar
Til the next time we meet, Bangkok! 

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