5 Healthy Ways to Add Texture to Summer Salads

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Wanna give your summer salads that little extra crunch without adding extra carbs? You’re in luck, because there are plenty of healthy ingredients you can use apart from classic croutons. Many of these will also add flavor as well as nutritional value and you can get creative coming up with your own recipes. With a few healthy sides, you can throw a guilt-free family BBQ this summer, while still impressing your guests with original ideas. Here are five healthy ways you can add texture to your salads.

Pulses and peas
Pulses and peas are a delicious way to bulk out a salad and they are full of carbs, protein, and fiber. You could try using lentils or split peas as these are very versatile. You can also buy these dried and they will keep in your store cupboard for a long time. Yellow split peas are all the rage right now as they are a great alternative to meat and dairy. You can even get pea milk which is similar to oat or nut milks, but even more nutritious. These types of peas and pulses will definitely make a great addition to your salads.

Nuts and seeds

You can add a little crunch with nuts and seeds. These can be sprinkled over any salad recipes to make them a little more exciting. You could try coming up with your own recipes for your next BBQ using your favorite nuts and seeds. If you’re stuck for ideas you could try this easy BBQ salad with toasted walnuts.

Fresh fruits
Certain fruits can add zest and crunch to savory salads. You can also make your summer salads more refreshing and juicy. Try adding apple, pomegranate, pear, or berries to your next salad. Here are a few apple salad ideas to give you inspiration. You could even look up a few Thai style recipes such as papaya salad for a more exotic twist.

Crunchy veggies
Combine a mix of chunky raw veggies with smooth textures for an interesting contrast. Raw celery, radish, and bell pepper have a nice crunch. You could also add pickles or olives if you prefer something with a little more flavor. Use a soft ingredient to bind the salad such as fresh avocado or cheese. You’ll get a wonderful mix of tastes and textures without adding too many extra calories.

Homegrown herbs
One of the benefits of healthy cooking at home is that you can use ingredients from your own garden. If you grow your own herbs, these will make a fantastic base for your salads and will add more interesting textures and flavors than your standard greens. It’s easy to set up a herb garden as most are fairly low-maintenance and don’t tend to take up much space. Alternatively, you could buy a selection of herbs from your local grocery store or a farmer’s market. Experiment with different herbs and spices to add exciting aromas to your summer salads. Impress your guests with your healthy creations this summer.

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