5 Reasons Why You Should Make Your Own Juice at Home

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Staying hydrated in the summer heat is a necessity. While you can drink water, the reality is you may occasionally want some alternatives. This is why soda drinks and beer tend to sell more during the summer –even though they’re unhealthy.

The good news is that there’s a healthy option in the form of fruit juice. Thanks for the wide array of fruits and vegetables available, you can make fruit juices in just about any flavor you like.

This way, instead of reaching for that bottle of cold beer at a picnic, you can choose to drink healthy by taking the fruit juice instead. The benefits of juicing are plentiful.

You Can Vouch for the Equipment and Hygiene
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You’re probably aware that fruit juices are healthier for you than other sugar-loaded drinks. But if you’re wondering why you should make your own juice at home, this should help.

You see, some store-bought juices are technically not juices. A lot of them are made from concentrates that often have high sugar content –usually in the form of high fructose corn syrup, which has been linked to type 2 diabetes.

And even if you do find a natural, organic fruit juice from your local health food store, the reality is that there are probably some preservatives in that juice. Plus, there’s the real risk of the juice makers using subpar ingredients.

When you make your juice at home, at least you’re sure of the source of the fruits –you hopefully handpicked them yourself, your water source, and your home’s hygiene –you don’t want someone blowing their nose, wiping their hands on their apron and using that same hand to pick and chop up the fruits that you’ll end up drinking.

You’re also sure of the lack of additives or preservatives, and can confidently drink the juice whenever you need it.
You Have Options
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You know how it is that when you go to the local smoothie or juicing kiosk, and they tell you that they’ve only got watermelon and apple juice? You never have to worry about that anymore.

If you’re juicing at home –good juicers are available at goodnature.com–, you can literally add as many fruits or veggies as you want. Want some pineapples, bananas, apples, and watermelon? You can have them, no problem. There are no limits to the fruits you can make and enjoy.

In fact, you can randomize the fruits if you like –lemon and pineapple juice on Monday, apple, and watermelon on Tuesday… you see where this is going.

You Get a Healthy Drink on the Go
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If you’re particular about what goes into your body –and you should– then taking your own juice on the go is always a smart idea. Most drinks are processed and contain all sorts of chemicals.

Whether they’re good for you or not is an entirely different argument. Even if you do buy some juice, truth is, you’re never really sure of the quality of juice you’ll get out there.

With your homemade juice, you can stay hydrated with a healthy drink that nourishes your body and revitalizes you regardless of your schedule or work. The good thing is it’s easy to store. Just chill it in a cooler if you’re at the beach or a picnic. And if you’ll be at the office, just refrigerate it until you need to take it.

Aids and Improves Digestion
If you’ve been struggling with constipation, indigestion, and other bowel issues, you should seriously consider juicing.

Fruit juices contain a sizable amount of soluble fibers which help “get things going”. Also, they help you meet the recommended daily fruits and veggies allowance –which is 7-10 vegetables and fruits.
Increased Energy Levels

The body often uses up considerable energy when you eat junk or heavy foods. It does the same thing when you eat fruits in their raw forms. This is why you often feel a slight or significant drop in energy levels after eating.

If keeping your energy levels up is important to you, then juicing is a great way to do this. Not only does it demand minimal resources from the body, but it also elevates your energy levels for prolonged periods. This is why they can be used as a quick pick-me-up whenever necessary.

Final Thoughts
Juicing is an incredibly powerful way to transform your health, keep your energy levels up, stay hydrated in the summer and enjoy significant mental clarity. Because it can replace sugary drinks, it can actually help you lose weight and get in shape.

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