Easy Ways To Make Chicken Taste Better

Fed up of your chicken tasting dry and flavorless? Varying the way in which you prepare chicken could help to make this staple meat a lot tastier. Below are just a few easy ways to bring more zing to your chicken.
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Dry rub it
A dry rub is one of the easiest ways to season your chicken before cooking. This involves rubbing it with herbs and spices while it is still raw and then cooking it (baking and grilling are some of the best ways to cook dry rub chicken). You can buy pre-made dry rubs or you can make your own. One simple homemade recipe is sugar, pepper, salt and chili powder, however feel free to add other spices like paprika, dried mustard, garlic powder or chipotle flakes. It’s best to cook for a long time at a low heat to help caramelize the sugars.

Glaze it
Glazes can be a great way to add flavor when roasting chicken. These are sauces applied to the surface of the chicken beforehand. Whether you’re looking for

mild sauce for wings
or spicy sauce for chicken breast, there are many different pre-made sauces out there that you can buy. Alternatively, you can make your own - one basic home-made glaze recipe to try is lemon, honey and soy sauce.

Marinade it
Marinating meat involves applying a sauce beforehand and leaving it a while before cooking so that the sauce seeps deep into the meat. You should ideally marinade chicken 5 to 6 hours beforehand, however even letting chicken marinate for ten minutes beforehand can make a difference. What’s the best home-made chicken marinade? There are practically hundreds of options from BBQ marinades to teriyaki marinades. A great home-made BBQ marinade can be made from olive oil, BBQ sauce, chilli powder, paprika, garlic powder, salt and pepper.

Stuff it
Another way to make chicken more exciting is to stuff it. This is ideal for chicken breast. When adding a stuffing, split the chicken in two and fold it out like a book, before flatten out each half. You can then spread the stuffing on each half. There are lots of different types of stuffing to choose from including goat’s cheese and thyme, mustard or even couscous. Keep the chicken together by tying it with string and then bake or grill it. Stuffed chicken can also be glazed or dry rubbed for added flavor.

Grill it
There are lots of ways to cook chicken from baking it to frying it. Grilling is the easiest way to add the most flavor - those sear marks will help to give it added texture. You can grill chicken in the oven or on a barbecue. Classic coal barbecues can be great for adding a smoky flavor, although you can still use smoker boxes on gas and electric BBQs to get the same effect. You can even experiment with ways to flavor the smoke by adding herbs directly to the coals.

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