The 3 Essentials Of The Perfect Summer Meal

It’s summer again, the season where it is literally too hot to do anything. If nutrition experts allowed it, we would all probably feed ourselves with ice creams for the best part of two months. Depending on where you live, the heatwave phenomenon can make ice cream even more appealing.

My iPhone for a scoop of ice cream, to paraphrase King Richard III’s famous quote, “My Kingdom for a horse”. Frankly, given the rising temperatures, it’s becoming more and more difficult to cook. Nobody wants to stay inside the kitchen for too long. The longer you cook, the more heat you produce. It gets increasingly uncomfortable to cook in summer. Anything that needs to be prepared inside an oven or a saucepan will turn up the heat inside your home. So how can you stay fresh without compromising on your diet? As mentioned, ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner sounds like the best possible plan. Except that it’s not exactly healthy. So what’s the best solution to enjoy yummy summer food without turning your home into a sauna?
summer meal
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Stop cooking inside the kitchen
Who says summer, says barbeque parties! However, a word of warning if you are planning a bbq. Cooking on a propane grill will give you a lot more control over the temperature compared to other types of grills. Additionally, propane also has a lower carbon footprint than charcoal grills, making it a neighborhood-friendly option. You can prepare a meal outside without worrying about overheating your home. What are the best options for grill enthusiasts in summer?

Burger parties are a favorite with a delicious grilled patty. However, you can keep everyone satisfied with grilled fish. Unlike meats, fish can remain moist on a grill as you don’t need to cook it for as long. Alternatively, fresh vegetables such as slices of aubergines or peppers are a deliciously refreshing option when grilled.

Finally, the salad season is here

Salads are not only fresh, but they are also easy to prepare. However, if you are worried about getting bored of the typical lettuce and tomato options, here are some smart ideas to add more texture to your salads. Sprinkling nuts and seeds on top will pack extra proteins and give your salad a new crunchiness. For something refreshing and unexpected, try mixing fruits into your summer salad. Pomegranate, apples, and berries are summer’s favorites. You can also add cubed watermelon to elevate a simple homemade salad. Watermelon goes well with fragrant herbs such as basil, mozzarella, and balsamic vinegar, making it a sweet addition to the typical Caprese salad (Tomatoes, mozzarella, basil).

Cold soups for everyone

Soups in summer? Yes, cold soups can be a game-changer. For a start, you can prepare your soup ahead and keep it on the fridge until it’s time to eat. The most famous cold soup is the rich gazpacho, a fresh tomato soup filled with flavors and goodness. But why not be creative and try something new? Sweet pea and avocado seasoned with mint make a refreshing lunch option. Chilled cucumber and greek yogurt are also a match made in Heaven. For added flavors, add crushed garlic to the soup just before serving!

It’s time for something refreshing, tasty, nutritious, and easy to prepare this summer. Wave goodbye to the kitchen, and make the most of seasonal ingredients, on the grill, in salads, or soups. And, who knows, you might still be hungry for ice cream afterward!

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